“Jessica is a deeply intuitive woman and she understood my struggles perfectly. Because of her I was able to shift into my perfected self, and connect to my creative power. I fully understood my role and was able to see to my own vision and life purpose.

She has also rescued me from my own imposed limitations and showed me there is always a possibility. I would be playing small without her guidance instead I have awakened my full creative potential.

I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for Jessica, she is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. Her intuition, knowledge, experience and coaching skills are just priceless. Thank you with all my heart for your guidance and laser coaching, Jessica.”

-- Eva O.Vecchio, artist and coach, Italy

“Jessica is a “straight shooter” who combines a unique blend of practical strategy to help identify and clear whatever is in the way of flow energy. She is helping me uncover the seat of my deepest wisdom, along with a daily strategy of dialoguing with that inner wisdom to remain grounded and at peace. In our work together, I continue to see a clearer vision of the gifts I want to share with the world. The benefits have been priceless!”

-- Lyn Turner

​​I initially hired Jessica as a social media consultant to help me set up an online creative business. What I didn’t know is that Jessica is also a life coach, attending to my emotional blocks and fears about putting myself out into the world. Throughout our time together she inspired confidence, hope, and determination to move forward and help me make my goals and dreams come true.

​Jessica guided me on how to structure my time and work schedule, which was enormously helpful to me. She validated my work with praise and positive feedback, which further stimulated my creativity. It was a joy to work with Jessica. She has a gentle and caring approach, while at the same time setting high standards for accomplishment. I highly recommend Jessica as a creative life coach.” 

-- J. Morrision

Jessica assisted me through a really tough time in my life. When I initially contacted her I was completely out of balance due to excessive over working. Don’t get me wrong I really love what I do, but it is the unrealistic deadlines that sometime push me over the edge. For years now I have been afraid and unable to set boundaries with my clients.

After our initial discovery call I realized how much I needed help so I immediately signed up for the 6-month program.

It has been at least 2 months now since I completed “Raise the Walls”. With the help and guidance of Jessica I was able to revitalize my entire work and-life.

Whenever I shared my pain and struggles on the call with Jessica, I always felt supported. She has this way of listening with her entire being and is also quite intuitive in her approach. She helped me reimagine my life by installing new mindsets and habits.

During the program Jessica helped me create an inspiring morning routine that jump started my day. She also helped me RE- organize my SPACE AND TIME in a way that really works for me. In fact now I seem to have more time to enjoy life. One of the biggest changes that I see in myself is that I am more loving, patient and kind with myself. I wish I would have found Jessica years ago. 

-- Dena Samuels- Phd.

In the recent years I have been ashamed to share my feelings with anyone. And for several years now I have been afraid that I might loose my livelihood due to intense felling of stress and burn out. One of the other secrets that I have also been hiding is that I suffer from insomnia and substance abuse.

Jessica immediately provided a safe space for me to open up on the call. I felt supported and comfortable.

At the moment I am doing the 3-month program. The first step for me was to be able to peel back the layers to be able to feel my pain, and self doubt. Now I am working on implementing healthier habits and mindsets. This is a moment by moment process and can be tough. No joke! Really being able to change and being willing to break bad habits and addictions is something I could not tackle alone. Jessica has been helping me dig a new pathway to a different version of myself. One that is no longer a cynic or a perfectionist.

There is NO magic pill to this process but I am so grateful to be getting my life back on track. 

-- A. Schiller- Phd.

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